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  • 2017To support the goal of “Double the PCE Percentage of Electronic Payments in 5 Years”, NCCC expanded application scopes of “Credit Card Payment Platform for Public Agency Fee” acceptance channels to public hospital’s medical service, provided the "Electronic Stored Value Card Transaction Operation Platform" service and optimized payment card acceptance environment, extended the small amount payment platform channels to McDonald's and KFC, and completed establishment of domestic and foreign TSP systems switching mechanism.
  • 2016To support the goal of “Double the PCE Percentage of Electronic Payments in 5 Years” set by the regulatory authorities and to respond to the FinTech development trend of integrating virtual and physical applications, NCCC established “Credit Card Payment Platform for Public Agency Fee”, created Credit Card Big Data platform and committed to promoting mobile payment and Internet payment businesses.
  • 2015The NCCC Jhubei backup computer workstation located at a separate site from main office formally began operation. In accordance with the government policy, NCCC contributed to the “Financial Technology Development Fund” for supporting innovative financial technology service research and development as well as financial technology talent cultivation program. Also, to stay ahead of the emerging cyber trends, NCCC launched an upgraded version of NCCC website, integrated the various e-services, and strengthened online communication over the Internet for optimizing policy implementation.
  • 2014To build up Payment Service Provider Trusted Service Manager platform (PSP TSM) and maintain a stable and secure payment system, NCCC coordinated with Financial Information Service Co. and Taiwan Clearing House in jointly establishing Taiwan Mobile Payment Company that opened a new era for mobile payment industry in Taiwan.
  • 2013To comply with the Personal Data Protection law requirements and strengthen the trusted relationship with clients, NCCC established internal control system for personal data protection. And NCCC obtained BS10012 Personal Information Management System Certification from the British Standards Institution in 2013 by which NCCC abides to fully carry out the information security and personal data protection measures.
  • 2012Faced with the trend of diversified development with transaction volume increasingly growing in the payment card industry, NCCC established a new computer workstation named “Ding Pu Data Center” at Ding Pu Hi-tech Square, Tu-Cheng, to enhance the computer workstation performance efficiency and to correspond with the energy-saving principle, which project was approved by the regulatory authorities. The new computer workstation, representing a milestone of NCCC’s corporate sustainable development, completed construction and opened in 2012.
  • 2011NCCC became the first institution obtaining approval to engage in UnionPay Card Online Payment acquiring business in Taiwan.
  • 2010NCCC obtained approval to engage in UnionPay Credit Card ATM cash advance transaction authorization and settlement processing services in Taiwan.
  • 2009To be in line with the government cross-strait financial business policy, NCCC, approved by the regulatory authorities in 2009, conducted China UnionPay Card (including credit card and debit card) POS payment transaction authorization, settlement, and acquiring operations in Taiwan.
  • 2007In making utmost efforts for protecting the information security of credit cardholders and merchants, NCCC implemented strict data control measures and obtained the ISO 27001 information security certificate in 2007.
  • 2004To coordinate with the government policy, NCCC set up “A Common Operating Platform for Various Fee Payments in e-government Services”.
  • 2002To coordinate with the government policy, NCCC set up various operation systems including “Individual Income Tax Payment by Credit Card”, “Payments in Taipei e-services Online”, as well as “Citizen’s Travel Card Payment”.
  • 2000NCCC completed self-built credit card domestic settlement processing system.
  • 1997NCCC cooperated with Visa International in establishing the first Internet credit card transaction environment in Chinese version in the world and setting up a “National Credit Card Center Worldwide Information Website” delivering the latest professional global payment card business knowledge.
  • 1996The credit card acquiring market was opened; NCCC member banks were allowed to conduct acquiring business themselves. Also, NCCC accepted the member banks’ outsourcing of acquiring business.
  • 1994NCCC partnered with JCB International and introduced JCB Credit Card, providing another payment card choice for the general public in Taiwan. The Taiwan’s credit card market has been vigorously growing since then.
  • 1993NCCC set up the Taichung Branch Office in July 1993 to meet business expansion need in the central area of Taiwan.
  • 1991NCCC partnered with MasterCard International and commenced MasterCard Credit Card issuing business as the credit card business continued growing.
  • 1989NCCC set up the Kaohsiung Branch Office in December 1989 as the credit card market continued expanding.
  • 1989NCCC cooperating with Visa International introduced Visa Credit Card, and concurrently launched international credit card domestic settlement business.
  • 1988Responding to the trend of financial liberalization and internationalization and to enhance the consumer convenience, the Ministry of Finance promulgated eliminating the limit of “one person one card”, adding to the function of revolving credit, and approved the issuance of “credit card”. Concurrently, the Center’s name was changed to “National Credit Card Center”.
  • 1983The National Debit Card Center was established and the domestic financial institutions started conducting debit card issuing business. The Center was engaged in handling centralized settlement processing and was committed to operate debit card acquiring business.
  • 1981The Ministry of Finance promulgated the “Regulations Governing Banks Conducting National Debit Card Business”, adopted policy of “one person one card /deposit first/ consumption afterwards”, and called a meeting gathering 24 financial institutions including Central Trust of China to research into the debit card business.
  • 1979The Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan, approved a “Proposal for Issuance of National Debit Card” in May 1979 and planned establishment of “National Debit Card Center” jointly formed by banks and investment & trust companies. And the Ministry of Finance called a meeting gathering the financial institutions to discuss the operating guidelines for National Debit Card.